New York, April 12, 2014
Exhibitors unanimously indicated that the second edition of Mondomusica New York, which ended yesterday after three days of intense business activity, is the best tool to get in contact with new buyers from the world’s most important market.
There were over 100 exhibitors, 14 represented countries, 12 events and a highly selective audience in attendance.
Exhibitors have confirmed successful business results for the American Exhibition due to the select group of visitors who were in attendance and came prepared to buy. The exhibitors’ opinion:

  • “Being here was very useful to acquire new qualified contacts: we hope that Mondomusica New York will continue growing” (Grace Newman – Connolly Music)
  • “Mondomusica New York is also an important educational opportunity thanks to its excellent events programming” (Christophe Landon)
  • “Just in the second day I made important sales even of instruments which have not been built yet” (Edgar Russ).
  • “Here you can meet new people: it is one of the most authoritative promotional tools of the Cremona brand in the world” (Giorgio Grisales)
  • “This exhibition is fundamental to enter the American market” (Dmitry Badiarov)
The visitors, especially those who were at Mondomusica New York for their first time, were very impressed by the quality and quantity of displayed instruments as there are no other events exclusively dedicated to violin making like this in the United States. With such high numbers of instrument and bow makers in attendance, all of whom represent the finest musical craftsmanship in the world, this exhibition was particularly appreciated by musicians, whether they were professional or amateur.
“This year the booths were not only visited by great violinists such as Joshua Bell, David Carpenter and Elizabeth Pitcairn” said Antonio Piva, President of CremonaFiere “but also by many students and young people, who give us hope for the future of the industry.” Piva went on to say that “The business of musical instruments is strictly related to the dissemination of musical culture and Mondomusica New York is an important tool to provide our contribution to the achievement of this goal. It is essential to put the right people in contact with each other and the 2,185 visitors of this year’s edition were certainly the right people and highly qualified. There were buyers from the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan and Mexico.”
We also received strong recognition for this year’s events programming which dealt with the hottest and latest topics for musicians and instrument makers. One of those events was a seminar dedicated to the transportation of musical instruments which was highly attended and hosted by, among others, five US Customs officials. It was a strongly debated subject but a very useful opportunity to shed light on current US regulations. Another was the concert at Carnegie Hall, organized by CremonaFiere in cooperation with the Pro Canale Foundation. This concert was an extraordinary event, and Pavel Berman and Alexander Romanovski played to a sold out hall with well-deserved success.
During the three days of exhibition, organizers had the opportunity to meet some of the most important international representatives of the music and violin-making world which allowed for continued realization of new vital initiatives to foster the growth of Mondomusica as well as the Cremona Brand throughout the world.