Next week Mondomusica New York will be presented in Chicago and L.A. Find your invitation here!

Mondomusica New York is going on the road to present the next annual to the music professionals in the Chicago and Los Angeles areas.
On February 4 we will be in Chicago at the Cultural Center, and on February 6 the presentation will be held at the Italian Cultural Institute of Los Angeles.
We are having many positive RSVPs to our invitations: this means that there is a lot of interest from the violin making world in those areas!
Do you want to join us in Chicago or L.A.? Find your invitation here!

Get your discounted entrance ticket for Mondomusica New York 2014!

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Online tickets are discounted, and are now  available until March 31, 2014. If purchased before February 28, 2014, tickets are $15. If purchased after February 28th, but before March 31, 2014, tickets are $20. After March 31th, and/or at the door, tickets are $25.


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Sam Zygmuntowicz for Mondomusica New York - II

Sam Zygmuntowicz speaks about the transportation issues for instruments and raw materials when crossing borders. This will be one of the topics of the rich program of events of Mondomusica New York 2014.

The creation of sound: a discussion on the collaboration between a violinist and a violin-maker in the process of instrument making

One of the big differences between buying a preexisting old instrument and getting a new instrument or bow is that with the new instrument a musician has the opportunity to work directly one on one with the maker, and this gives the opportunity to custom create what is really appropriate for each musician. This will be one of the topics of rich program of events of Mondomusica New York. The seminar will be held by Sam Zygmuntowicz: listen to his interview about it!

Announcing a rich program of scientific, cultural, and artistic events

Mondomusica New York is much more than a trade show: Mondomusica offers supplementary programing of cultural, scientific and artistic events to attract a wider and diverse group of musical professionals. Mondomusica 2014 will offer seminars on:
- How to make the sound: How musicians and violin makers collaborate when an instrument is commissioned
- How to tackle the instruments and raw materials transportation issues
- Health and wellness for musicians
This is just a small part of the whole event program of Mondomusica New York. More information will be available shortly.

Mondomusica New York is going on the road!

As we continue to promote Mondomusica New York 2014 around the globe, we are planning a special presentation of the Mondomusica New York program in Chicago and Los Angeles. These events will ensure that we are attracting the largest number of violin makers, dealers, musicians, music teachers, students and instrument collectors from around the country to our show in New York. We will have staff on hand to discuss our program and have arranged for prominent guests to give their insights into the importance of Mondomusica New York 2014 for the violin community.

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